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CuddleBuddys offers a personalized photo teddy bear

unlike any other stuffed animal on the market. Our CuddleBuddys allow customers to add their own photo and audio message as well as a touch of personality. Add a colorful bow and even embroidery decals to your custom stuffed animal. Plus, shipping is free for all orders over $50.
Customize your CuddleBuddy with your favorite photo, and even add a personal voice message that plays when you squeeze it. The unique ink we use bonds to the fabric with heat, so that your photo will never fade. Also, we've created a special velcro pocket for your sound device, making your CuddleBuddy easy to wash and batteries easy to replace. Jazz up your personalized photo teddy bear with any of our satin bows, we have over 10 different colors to choose from! You can also add initials or any two-digit number on your stuffed animal's feet by selecting embroided decals.
Our customer service goes above and beyond to make sure that every customer is happy with their custom teddy bear. We know how important it is to be able to keep the memories of your loved ones with you always. Learn more about out team, here.
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A CuddleBuddy makes the perfect:
  • - unique proposal
  • - gender reveal
  • - deployment gift
  • - holiday gift
  • - anniversary gift
  • - birthday gift
  • - baby shower gift
  • - wedding shower gift
  • - memorial/bereavement gifts
  • - gift for long distance loved ones
  • - and countless other occasions!
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How It Works
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    Step 1: Upload a Photo

    Choose a photo to place over your CuddleBuddy’s heart

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    Step 2: Record Your Voice

    Record a heart felt message that can be played time and time again

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    Step 3: A Little Extra

    Add an extra touch of personality to your soft and cuddly friend by adding a bow or custom monogram

Any questions? Send us an e-mail or check our FAQ . We're here to help you.
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The photo of every CuddleBuddy is printed using a technique that bonds the ink to the fabric, so that it never fades!

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Add any image you desire over the heart of your CuddleBuddy. Where else can you do that? The answer is nowhere.

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You will receive a verification e-mail from us to ensure that your CuddleBuddy is designed exactly the way that you want it.


Live outside of the United States? No problem, visit our Etsy page and use promo code INTERNATIONAL for $10 off on orders over $50 (Must be shipped outside of the United States)