Congratulations! You won!

An image of a bear with a treasure hunt outlined.

Did you know that only 200 of these coins exist throughout the entire world? Kinda makes this seem like fate…right?

As keeper of this utmost important Cuddle Coin, you have three tasks to complete your newest quest— should you choose to accept.

Task #1: Spin the wheel for a one of a kind discount

Use the embedded wheel to get your discount!

Task #2: Re-hide the coin.

Keep the treasure hunt going! You were lucky to stumble upon this special Cuddle coin…now we ask that you hide this somewhere for the next lucky person to cross its path .

Task #3: Check Your Email

Enjoy your one-time, unique discount that has been delivered to your email (if you spun the wheel, that is). Thanks for playing with CuddleBuddys!

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Three CuddleBuddy bears.